Termo Teknik

Termo Teknik is a subsidiary of Stelrad Radiators Group (SRG), United Kingdom and, with a production capacity of 5 million pieces per year over a 43,000 m2 facility, is the largest steel panel radiators manufacturing plant in the world.

Termo Teknik started its journey to become the leading radiator manufacturer in 1966 and in 1999, joined to giant international heating group SRG; continuing to increase its strength in the domestic and foreign markets.

With an investment 150 million US dollars, Termo Teknik is among the top industrial companies in Turkey and is awarded as export champion in its industry for the last 10 consecutive years.

As a result of a half-century-long experience, Termo Teknik today exports its panel radiators to more than 50 countries in a wide geographic area from China to Chile, from Australia to Canada.

Termolux is a premium brand of Termo Teknik.