Stelrad Group

Stelrad is a leading specialist manufacturer and distributor of steel panel radiators in the UK, Europe and Turkey, selling an extensive range of standard and premium steel panel radiators, low surface temperature radiators, towel warmers, decorative steel tubular radiators and other steel “column” radiators.

The Group is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and has been a leading supplier across Europe for over twenty years, with manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Turkey and Italy, additional distribution facilities in Poland, Denmark and Estonia and sales personnel in seven other countries, including China.

#1 in number of steel panel radiators sold in Europe
#1 radiators manufacturer in the UK
#1 choice for radiators in many European countries
Listed at the London Stock Exchange
Central  Research & Development  in Belgium

Termoteknik is a full subsidiary of Stelrad Group plc and with a production capacity of 4.5 million meters per year over a 50,000 m2 closed production facility, it is the largest steel panel radiators manufacturing plant in the world. As a result of a half-century-long experience, today, Termoteknik exports to more than 50 countries in wide geographic areas.

Termolux is a premium brand of Termoteknik.